Millions More Movement leaders issue
statement on death of Civil Rights icon Rosa Parks

“Her Fearless Decision Not to Move Galvanized A Generation
of Activists and Forever Changed Race Relations in America”

Washington, DC (Oct. 28, 2005) – Minister Louis Farrakhan and Rev. Willie F. Wilson issued the following statements:

Minister Farrakhan, National Convener of the Millions More Movement, Minister Louis Farrakhan, stated, “A pioneer of civil passive resistance, Rosa Parks was a woman of great courage, conviction and fortitude. Her steadfast determination to be valued as a human being ignited one of the greatest social movements of all times and served as a catalyst for so many significant social changes in America. No doubt, her quiet power and dignity mark her character and she gave that kind of thrust to the civil rights movement.

The gall to remain seated on a bus instead of giving her seat to a white man sparked the civil rights struggle for Blacks all over the world. What she did in Montgomery, Alabama in a moment of passive defiance erupted into a diverse outpour of unity and purpose that has been carried forth through to this day.

We pause to remember and salute a fallen leader who always thought more of others than her self. Her life symbolizes the foundation for the Millions More Movement, which calls us to unity by bringing forth the best usages of our time, talents and resources for the greater good of the poor. We are challenged to embellish and embody the spirit and purpose of Rosa Parks to alleviate the new Jim Crowism and stronger bastion of prejudice, segregation and terror that exist in our society as well as to eradicate hopelessness, joblessness, homelessness and lack of educational opportunities in our neighborhoods, which are the tasks of the Millions More Movement.

In honor and memory of the one who ushered in the Movement, we stand paused to continue the struggle for justice, fairness, and equality. As she takes her exit, we enter into the next level to mobilize our people and maximize our economic, political and social power.”

Rev. Willie F. Wilson, National Executive Director, stated, “Rosa Parks remained a strong fighter for justice and equality throughout her life. Her speech at the Million Man March ten year ago still resonates as she challenged us to continue the fight for freedom and liberation of our people.

As the Mother of the Civil Rights Movement, she gave her all for people, and in her heart she was always concerned for the children and youth of our community. She never stopped in her pursuit to make things better for them. The Millions More Movement presents a golden opportunity for children, youth and young adults to take the torch that she passes, continue her work and honor her legacy by turning to each other and not on each other.

Today, the hue and cry across the world should be sainthood for Rosa Parks. If anyone ever deserved to be called a saint, Rosa Parks is that person. The millions more and I salute her today.”

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